Finding me time again 

Holidays, life and spending time with family always talks the priority in my life.  I only have a few more years with the kids before they take flight from the nest, so soaking up every moment with them is my “Me” time anymore.  However, I am able to sneak in an occasional craft day here or there.  I finally was able to do this yesterday.  I just print a is couple hundred pictures from 2006, and so the journey of scraping this year begins.  I decided to check out a few of my inspiration sites and found the sketch I wanted to work with over at Let’s Get Sketchy. I was working with February 1st challenge..This included a sketch and mood board.  

There wasn’t much to change from the original sketch for what I needed to work with my photos.  As always I turned it into a two page layout. The pattern paper used in this layout is from Piggy Tales in the Little Miss Muffet collection. On the back side of the patterns were the purple and pink cardstock used in the layout also.  The brown and white cardstock come from my stash. From scrap I made the banner pieces in the top right corner. The lettering comes from Basic Grey from the fruitcake collection.  I have since adjusted the layout of the letters to be more pleasing to the eye.  

I quickly threw together these itty bitty flowers to complete the look on the page.  These flowers rolled rosette is made from tan muslin, a lavender flower, and finally a flax layered flower.  These can be found at my shop  Scary Cute, if they aren’t listed I always can make a custom order up.  I did however ke some changes to the centers to match my pages.  

The second page just mirrors a similar layout with a few tweaks to fit the picture placement.  The heart was in my stash and I am not sure where it comes from.  I still need to add journaling and this will be complete. 


Building a stash

Slowly, ever so slowly aim am building my flower stash.  Some will be for my personal use, other for gifts, and others will be for sale over at my Etsy shop.  I find the process relaxing  and the finished product fun to work with. I love using these flowers in projects, making hair piece to wear, but I also love seeing how others use them.  These itty bitty peacock were born from a love of all the pretty peacock flowers out there. They come from the scraps of my peacock hair flower. They are each layered differently and such a beautiful combination, just like the peacocks feathers.
These Itty Bitty Watercolor flowers come from the fabric of a dress I loved, on a hanger but not so much on me.  I cut apart the dress and made it work.. The left over fabric has gained a new life as flowers. I still fall in love with this fabric every time I see it.  

Who doesn’t need a little animal print in their life? I certainly always do.  I don’t even know where this fabric came from, the little I had is now turned into flowers.
Getting a little distracted from flowers, I started playing around with glitter bows.  Let’s just say immediate and complete love for these.  I know want them in every color possible, but this is what I have to start playing around with.
This fabric is from rework of a Homecoming dress.  I wanted to try two styles of flowers. I can’t wait to play with them on scrapbook pages and cards. Both beautifully different.

This green fabric was calling me to be made into a Halloween set. I made two different styles and two different sizes of one style. I know Halloween is past, but  I can’t wait to see what set these inspire. 

I have piles of more fabric, limited time, and many different projects calling my name.  I can’t wait to see what comes next.  

Slowly Starting

The start of this blog has been slow going.  With a holiday weekend, my not so little girl turning 17, a new nephew being born, and getting hit with the flu and the stomach flu at our house all in last week, there has been little down time.  In brief moments of free time I have been working on busting through my fabric stash to make a stash of itty bitty flowers to craft with and to put in my Etsy shop.  Here is a sampling of some of the fall flowers I am  playing around with. 

I also enjoyed making my Itty Bitty flowers with the last of this fabric. 

I also was able to put together some custom flowers for a dear friend of mine.  Here are some of the Dahlia flowers I put together. 

Next on the agenda is finishing up some scrapbooking page, I am hoping to finish out my 2005 scrapbooks.  Yes, I am that far behind and I am ok with that. Stay tuned to see the finished products.