A day of sledding 

The first of many snow play pages to finish off 2005. Yes I am that far behind. And, no it does not bother me in the least. I enjoy scrapbooking and I refuse to let “staying caught up” even factor into my process. I have many other priorities that are higher up on the list, I get sidetracked extremely easy with other projects, and sometimes my health doesn’t cooperate with this love.  Nevertheless, I will always love scrapbooking. So, on to today’s project…

For starters, I always have to have a two page layout.  There is just something more pleasing to my eye to have consistency from one page to the next.  I love to look over my Pinterest boards for inspiration or scraplifting.  I also have many blogs and challenge sites I love to use. I will always try to give credit, where credit is due and we all love inspiration from many places.   Today’s layout was inspired from Pinterest, the layout is from www.danakessler.com.  Be sure to check out her beautiful work. Here is the inspiration for my scraplifting. 

I started with background paper from My Minds Eye, O Christmas Tree stack. Next it is off to raiding the scrap stash. I took a 12×12 plain white card stock and cut it in half. Then I found cream plain, aqua textured, brown distressed, and sea foam (greenish blue) glitter cardstock scraps.  I am not sure what brands these are, I have so much in my crafting hoard it can be hard to keep track at times. 

On my on my white card stock, I used a brown Sharpie and my Paper Pizazz Easy Stitches from Hot Off the Press to make stitch pattern.  I prefer the look of actual stitching, but am far to lazy to set up my sewing machine to get this look at this point in life.  I cut out the banner pieces, cut the pictures down to size, cut the boarders a forth in bigger and glued it all down, I love my Glue Glide Pro for this.   I made the pattern for the journaling spot on the right and cut it out. Finally, I added the title from my many letter scraps, I believe these were hand me downs from the sis-in-law. The final touches were the mirror and silver snowflakes from Hobby lobby Christmas Crafts line.  


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