Slowly Starting

The start of this blog has been slow going.  With a holiday weekend, my not so little girl turning 17, a new nephew being born, and getting hit with the flu and the stomach flu at our house all in last week, there has been little down time.  In brief moments of free time I have been working on busting through my fabric stash to make a stash of itty bitty flowers to craft with and to put in my Etsy shop.  Here is a sampling of some of the fall flowers I am  playing around with. 

I also enjoyed making my Itty Bitty flowers with the last of this fabric. 

I also was able to put together some custom flowers for a dear friend of mine.  Here are some of the Dahlia flowers I put together. 

Next on the agenda is finishing up some scrapbooking page, I am hoping to finish out my 2005 scrapbooks.  Yes, I am that far behind and I am ok with that. Stay tuned to see the finished products. 


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