I’d like to welcome you to Scary Cute. I will be exploring my journey to rekindle my love for things crafty. I began scrapbooking over 20 years ago. Back in High School, I discovered a love for scrapbooking. It was quite different then. for supplies I had the old school peel and stick pages, magazines, construction paper, and lots of imagination. Needless to say scrapbooking has come a LONG way.

Through my love of scrapbooking I have discovered loves of card making, making home decor, making the embellishments I have dreamed up in my mind and just can’t seem to find, and much more. I also have discovered a love of quilting, in a way it is scrapbooking with fabric for me. There is beauty and joy in putting pieces of paper, or fabric together to create something new. In the past few years, I been obsessed with making fabric flowers for hair clips, headbands, bobby pins, and even scrapbooking embellishments.

Being a wife and mother are my top priorities. I have always tried to carve out a little time for my “Me” time, but let’s face it, life gets crazy. Between taking care of my family and myself, there wasn’t the time I would like to have spent on my hobbies like I would have liked. I suffer from an autoimmune disease that took over my life for many years. After many life changes I have begun to get my old self back. I also have rekindled my love/hate relationship with running, in which good company and race swag motivate me. I only have a few years left with my children at home. Therefor, I hope to continue to find more time for my “Me” time, while soaking up every minute I have left with them.


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